Do you know what your brand says about you?

If you have a business you have a brand, whether you've thought about it or not. Your brand includes your company's visual elements, the words you use to communicate with customers, and intangible factors like your personality and company culture. Your brand is everything that makes up your audience's perception of your business. 

Your brand is a reflection of you. It's what makes you memorable. It's what makes people like you and want to work with you. It builds an emotional connection by showcasing your story and your values. It sets you apart from anyone else offering the same goods and services as you. 

If thinking about your brand feels overwhelming—or you don't know where to begin—I can help you.

I'm a brandologist and website developer. Through my business—MHK—I help small business owners like you tell their story through their brand and their customized website. Then I help them protect and manage that business identity with strategic public relations services.

Through my specialized consultative process, I will:

  • Identify your target audience

  • Create an iconic and memorable brand 

  • Ensure your brand aligns with your clients' passions and needs

  • Reflect your unique brand on a creative, customized website

  • Develop and design a website with features that suit you and your brand

  • Launch your brand and share your message through targeted public relations services

  • Help you stand out from your competitors

Through my background as a TV producer and reporter for CBS affiliate WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, I've cultivated expertise in sharing people's stories and I've developed lasting relationships in the media. That experience instilled in me the importance of sharing stories that are newsworthy and relatable, and that show viewers why your business is the right one for them. 


"Creativity and excellence.  Thank you for listening to OUR vision and making us shine."

Kayla Atkinson

Rebuild Livingston

Ex. Director 

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Brand Development & Websites

Develop the personality

We build brands for businesses that are ready to level up and make a difference. We help you find your target audience and design your ideal client to maximize your reach. Your website is your home and we take the personality, that is your brand, and bring it to life on your website.

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Brand Management

PR & Crisis Management

Ready to launch that brand and your message to the world? Our years of PR experience is just what you need. If good times and bad, we are here for you!
You spend years building a solid, trusty worthy reputation and one crisis can throw it all away. Protect your brand before, during and after an event. It's all in how you respond. We can help.

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Mompreneur Nation

Don't do life alone!

This is the best place a Mompreneur could be.  Did you know 98% of your success is dependent on the environment you are in?  Join the Mompreneur Nation now and surround yourself with some of the best Momma business owners around.


If you never leap, you'll never know what it is to fly!

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